Can You Treat Your Own Back Pain?



 Can You Treat Your Own Back Pain?


When people see a spinal specialist such as a chiropractor, they will usually think that the chiropractor “fixed their back” or “made their headache go away”. But the truth is that they didn't ‘fix’ anything, or make these people heal. But you can't force the natural process of healing. All that any specialist can ever really hope to do is help to restore better spinal health and function, then their own bodies do the rest!

So, can you treat your own back pain? Yes you can!

You just need to understand how it works, then do the right things, at the right time, in the right way to restore normal spinal function and you can treat your own back pain.

Really, all recoveries are down to the fact that your body is made to heal itself. In fact, the only thing that can create true healing is your own body.


You are the doctor!


You see, your body doesn't want to be sick or unwell; it is always aiming to survive and thrive. Cuts and scrapes miraculously heal by themselves, you will recover from a cold, etc. Even when you vomit you are not really sick, it is actually a healthy response to expel something your body has recognized as toxic.

An extreme example of all this would be frostbite, as your body shifts its heat and blood away from the extremities to protect the internal organs in order to survive. It is the ultimate survival sacrifice; you might lose a finger, but you sure didn't die! Your body is not trying to kill you or cause you pain, in fact it is trying to do the exact opposite!


The simple fact is this:

Good health is our natural state.


Given the right environment your body can only become healthier, as normal function improves. Interference to the normal, natural functioning of the body is what leads to a decrease in health and the body’s ability to heal. This may come down to poor diet or lack of exercise, which are basically bad lifestyle choices.

It might be unknown to some, but your spinal health also affects the function, and therefore the health, of your body. We know that spinal problems can interfere with the nervous system, which is the master control system for the body. This interference has a direct negative affect on the function of your body, and therefore your health. Eventually this will show up as some kind of problem, maybe back pain or headaches, and this is when we seek help to get “fixed.”



From an optimal health point of view the pain or illness is not the issue, it’s just the end result of dysfunction. By removing the cause of interference we simply allow your body to function better, start to heal, and your health improves.

To treat your own back pain, you need to do the right things, at the right time, in the right way, as fully explained in our Total Back Pain Solution program. You just need to make the decision to make some changes, and the first step might just be learning how to fix your own back pain, then do something about it!



So congratulations Dr You, you have taken the first steps to help restore function and the ability to heal to your body!


If you have any questions, or would like to share your own experience, please leave us a comment below.








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  1. Hi Dr. Brad,

    Great article and just what the doctor ordered. The last few days my lower back has really given me some pain. My lower lumbar seems to be inflamed. I have been getting a sudden burst of pain that just grabs me and I just scream. I have been stretching to reduce this as well as taken some anti-inflammatories. Do you have any other suggestions?


    • Hi Julie,

      The majority of back problems are due to spinal misalignment and/or muscle imbalances. This usually comes about from bad coordination of spinal movement patterns as a result of accumulated spinal stress and strain.

      The only way to fix this is to retrain the movement of the spine through a suitable exercise program. All other treatments for chronic back pain are usually only temporary fixes unfortunately.

      Anti-inflammatroies will reduce painful inflammation, but do not correct or fix what is causing the inflammation in the first place.

      Hope this helps,

      Dr Brad

  2. This is very helpful for me, I have had back pain on and off for years now. I know I do sometimes mistreat my body and I really do need to stretch more often and be more active. I strive to eat healthy and now I need to focus the same energy on physical health.
    Thank you for the post. I enjoy the read and it was helpful for me to better understand my back pain.

    • HI Thomas,

      It really is completely up to us to take it upon ourselves to look after our health.
      But it something that you need to invest in. It might be money, it might be time, but it is the most worth while investment you will make.

      All the best,

      Dr Brad

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