Fun and Easy Exercises To Improve Kids Posture.



Fun and Easy Exercises To Improve Kids Posture.

Did you know that spinal problems can start to develop at any age? Most of us think that we only get 'back' problems as we get older, due to the fact that kids generally don't get back 'pain'. However, we are actually seeing more spinal problems developing at earlier ages. Conditions such as text neck that didn't even exist a few years ago are becoming more prevalent. And it is starting form an early age. In fact, most of the health problems (including spinal problems) that we feel later in life have slowly been building up from our childhood.

Factors such as poor posture, long hours of sitting at school and in front of the TV and computers, sports injuries and other lifestyle factors like diet and exercise are contributing to the decline of our spinal health (and overall health) every day. Even the birth process itself can create enormous amounts of spinal stress, the effects of which are usually not immediately obvious. They may not experience 'back pain' like we do as we get older, but the signs are often there to the observant. A key thing to look out for is posture. Does your child stand nice and tall with their head up straight, directly over their shoulders, knees and feet? Or do they slump forwards, with there head poking out to the front? Do they slouch when they are sitting?  Poor posture is not just a sign of poor spinal health, but has also been linked to many other diseases and ill health.

Just like oral hygiene and teaching our kids to brush their teeth every day, it is important to teach your kids how to look after their spine from an early age. By promoting some simple things like balance, strength and flexibility in the spine, the risk of developing problems with your child’s spine now and in the future can be substantially reduced. This simple 3 minute posture care program is designed to help children look and feel their best. This daily routine is and easy and fun way to help improve their posture and spinal health.

The program is divided up into three quick sessions and only takes around 3 minutes. It is also a lot of fun and is a great way for you to spend some time with your kids, and by doing it yourself, you will benefit from improved spinal health as well!


But first, here are some other things to be aware of regarding kids posture:

School Backpacks: This can be a real back strain for kids and deserves some attention.  

Best Foot Forward: Good footwear is important. Shoes with a good heel support and a good grip will make it easier to carry heavy bags.

Exercise: Lack of exercise is a child’s worst enemy. Make sure they are keeping active or playing sport regularly - the fitter the child is the less likely they are to injure themselves.

Keep Moving! Staying still for long periods is bad for the spine. Limit time at the computer or TV to a maximum of 40 minutes at a time. Get up and take a break - do something else for a while.

Computer Posture: When using a PC, tablet, or computer console be sure to sit up straight and comfortably, with the spine supported. Kids often don’t realise they are uncomfortable when they are absorbed in games etc.


The following exercises are designed for healthy children; please check with your doctor before continuing with this program.





 * Stand straight & tall with your head high.
 * Put your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles in a straight line, just like Jake is doing.
 * Pull your belly button in.







And here is an exercise you can do between the others, called the TRAP OPENER:


* Breathe deeply & calmly. Relax your tummy.
* Let your head hang loosely forward and gently turn from one side to the other.
* Using your fingers, gently rub the area just below the back of your head on your neck.
* Relax your shoulders & roll them backward and forward. Keep doing this while you count to 15!




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Following is the daily exercise program. Why not have some fun with your kids and join in!




Your posture is a good indicator of your spinal health, and spinal health affects your overall health.

This simple, fun, 3 minute daily routine is a great investment in your kids health and well being.

And it is never too early to start to learn about, and look after our spines!


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