Healthy Choices! This Is About More Than Just Back Pain Relief!



Healthy Choices! This Is About More Than Just Back Pain Relief!



We’ve all heard of healthy choices. You just need to go to your local supermarket and you can see many different foods that are marketed as being a healthy choice.

But what does it mean beyond the marketing jargon?

What it boils down to is this: Your health is a direct result of the choices you make. Whether you have takeaway junk food, or if you cook with fresh foods at home; whether you watch TV or go for a walk; whether you choose to dwell on the past, or plan for a positive future.

If you think about it for a minute, you will see that in nearly every moment of our day we have the opportunity to make a decision that will have an effect on our health and well-being. Sure, most of those decisions are only going to have minimal impact, but they do all add up.



In fact, it is well established now that poor health is not due to bad luck or bad genetics. Mounting scientific evidence shows that the major cause of poor health and chronic disease is due to bad lifestyle choices. It is an accumulation of all the various forms of stress and strain on the body (whether they be physical stress, mental/emotional stress, or chemical/toxic stress) that add up to a health problem, whether that is back pain or a heart attack.

Indeed, heart attacks are a very poignant example. Let me explain.

Frankly, you don’t just wake up one day with heart disease so bad that you suddenly have a heart attack. Although, unfortunately, for many people a heart attack is often the first sign of heart disease, the truth is it has taken years of build up to get to that point. And it is the choices that we make every day that is the cause of that build up. In the case of heart disease, it relates to diet and exercise.

The same can be said for most chronic illness. Type II diabetes is another classic example that is becoming more and more common. And 100{95f364b8aea3ba4afb976a81c1dcc2e8147daac1866ef443968911255633a999} of cases of Type II diabetes are lifestyle related. That means, the food you choose to eat now will determine whether or not you develop one of these chronic illnesses in the future.


The point is this:

You have the choice right now to be healthy, or to not be healthy.


If you want to be healthy, you have to work on it. And it is our everyday decisions that determine what our health are therefore our life, will be like going forward.



Quite simply, your health is your responsibility. So it is up to you to make “healthy choices”. Eating fresh whole foods to provide your body the nutrition it needs, and staying active by exercising regularly to keep your body moving and your heart and lungs healthy are the two main ways of maintaining good health.

You may have heard insanity as being described as doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. That same rule applies here. We cannot expect our health to improve if we continue to do the very same things and make the same choices that made us sick in the first place.


One of our favourite sayings is:

Good health happens by choice, not by chance.


What could you be doing differently, what little changes could you make? What action can you take right now, no matter how small, that will be good for you. It might be something as simple as going for a walk (which itself has huge benefits, check it out here).

Often the hardest part is the first step, but remember; even the longest journey always starts with one small step. Just make a start with one thing. Grab a piece of fruit instead of a cookie, water instead of coke, walk to the shops instead of driving, do some stretches instead of sitting on the sofa. You might even feel a little bit better about yourself just knowing that you have done something to improve your health!

The great thing is, once you make that difficult first step, each subsequent step becomes easier and easier. Particularly when you start to feel better and notice the effect of making those changes!


So what are healthy choices when you have back pain?

Well firstly, chose to do something about it! I have consulted thousands of people who have been ‘putting up with’ their back pain for years before they have decided to get help.

Choose to sit less and go for a 30 minute walk every day.

Choose to go and see a chiropractor or physical therapist.

Choose to learn about what causes back pain.

Commit to an program specifically designed to treat back pain like our Total Back Pain Solution program.


No Back PainThe point is: do something! If you have chronic back pain, you might have figured out that it is not going away by itself. You’re going to need some help, or at least you will need to make some changes and address the underlying cause. But like all healthy choices, it is up to you to decide. But don’t be scared, it’s not really that hard once you have made up your mind!

So remember, good health happens by choice, not by chance. And every choice has a consequence, good or bad, just as every action has a reaction. Are the choices you are making moving you toward better health, or towards sickness?

At, as well as being the best online program for naturally correcting the cause of back pain right at home, we are dedicated to educating everyone about healthy lifestyle choices. Read our free articles and browse the website for the most practical, easy to follow, and up to date information on health and wellness.


If you have any questions, or would like to share your own experience, please leave us a comment below.


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  1. Hi there!

    You are absolutely right, being healthy is a choice! We always have a choice on what we eat (well most times, unless there are extenuating circumstances) and whether we exercise or not.

    I sometimes do not feel like getting up and exercising. But I will regret if I do not. I will never regret if I do exercise. It might mean getting up an hour early but it actually helps me start my day and gives me some energy. I feel less bloated and can do more throughout the day.


    • Hi Emily,

      Thanks for the feedback!

      I also struggle sometimes to do the right thing. There are days when I have to force myself to go to the gym, or do a yoga class. But I usually find that once I am there I really enjoy myself, and I ALWAYS feel so much better after doing it.

      And if I do miss out on exercise, or if I eat some ‘fun’ food at a party or something, I don’t worry about it at all. I know that I am making healthy choices MOST of the time!

      Have a great day,
      Dr Brad

  2. I’m in my early twenties and struggle with back pain. I think the major cause is having to sit all day at my desk job. I typically try to take a few walks around the building & stretch out each day, which seems to help a bit. I look forward to getting out at 5 for some much needed exercise (usually basketball or swimming) and my back always feels much better afterwards.

    I even have an ergonomic chair, but it doesn’t really make much of a difference for me. Do you have any suggestions for solving these back issues I’m experiencing at work? I don’t see an office job going away anytime in the near future for me.

    • Hi Matt,

      Sorry to hear you are having some problems with your back at work. It is really difficult to deal with back pain when you are stuck behind a desk day in and day out.

      The best thing to do is to take regular breaks. The current advice if you have a desk job, is to stand up every 20 minutes and take a little break from sitting. However, this can be hard to follow when you become focused on a particular task!~ Just try to get up as often as you can. Go and get a glass of water or something.

      Also make sure you are sitting as straight and upright as possible. We often become slumped forward when we are staring at a computer screen.

      One easy technique I use when I have been sitting for a while is to place my fists behind my back and arch backwards over them. This moves your spine from that flexed, hunched posture into it’s natural arched or extended position. I find that this simple move makes my back less tensed up. Give it a go.

      Have a read through my free articles which you can access from the menu bar above, it has lots of advice that you will find relevant to your needs.

      All the best,
      Dr Brad

  3. Hi Brad,

    Great article which is very positive and uplifting.

    Healthy foods can seem to be hard to swallow sometimes, if you neglect these necessary foods you can live day to day feeling like crap, unmotivated and/or useless.

    That is why it is imperative to stay on top of your physical fitness and food consumption. If you suffer from any negative emotions try and spice up your diet with healthier food groups and your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.


    Benjamin Paul Ward

    • Hi Benjamin,

      Thanks for mentioning the wholistic effects of a healthy diet! You are absolutely right in that good nutrition affects mind, body and soul.

      That old saying of ‘You are what you eat’ is spot on. If you eat junk, you are going to feel like junk, if you eat healthy, you are going to feel great! you just need to find the right healthy foods for you.

      Of course there will be some healthy foods that you won’t like, and that are a bit hard to swallow, so don’t force yourself to swallow them! You are just reinforcing that healthy food is yuk. Eat the healthy foods that you like, it’s much easier!

      Dr Brad

  4. Love your post! Good sensible information anyone can learn from.

    I totally believe what you are saying about having choices. We make choices every moment of every day, and as you say… they all add up!

    Sometimes it’s easier to eat junk food, but it is so much more satisfying to prepare a healthy meal, realising you could have eaten junk, but chose healthy.

    Keep up with this type of information… it’s good.

    • Hi Marilyn,

      I think it is fine to enjoy the occasional bit of ‘fun food’! And there are times when you do not have a healthy choice, and that is okay too. I try not to stress about it too much.

      The important thing is being aware of the consequences of ALWAYS choosing the unhealthy option, and trying to make better choices wherever you can!

      All the best,
      Dr Brad

  5. Hi!

    I couldn’t agree more! Lifestyle choices can definitely have an impact on your body. Chronic back pain or not, our body is our temple and, on that note, we should treat it with the respect it deserves.

    Your tips make for both a good prevention plan as well as an effective treatment.

    Thank you. I will be back for more

    • Hi George,

      Making good choices wherever possible just makes life so much easier down the track.

      Prevention is better than cure!

      Unfortunately many people take their health for granted until it is gone, then it is a game of catch-up to restore good health. It is so much easier I think to be aware of the fact that what we do today affects what will happen tomorrow!

      Have a great day!

      Dr Brad

  6. I could not agree more about bad health being directly related to bad life style, and not bad genes. I know this first hand. Ten years ago I had terrible health: a fatty liver, high cholesterol, over weight, bad back pains. The thing that turned it around was eating a balanced diet, and later exercising.

    My question is: if I find it hard to do a 30 minute walk each day, very busy right now, to help with back pain, what else can I do?

    • Hi Michael,

      One of the great things that is built in to the human body is the ability to heal. Your body will (or at least try to) repair any tisue damage in order to continue to survive. We see this all the time, a simple cut finger will heal over time, even a fatty liver can regenerate. We just need to provide the right conditions for our bodies to be able to do this, and it simple, healthy lifestyle choices that will do this.

      My number one tip if you can’t invest 30 minutes a day in your health, is this – SIT LESS.

      I have an article all about the dangers of excessive sitting here

      All the best,

      Dr Brad

  7. Hi Dr Brad

    Great read. I think that most people need to just make a few small changes to their everyday habits to get started towards an healthier future. Your article points that. Getting healthy should not be overwhelming. I like that you let people know that good health is a choice and attainable if they become pro-active.

    Best wishes.

  8. Hi there,

    Back pain is not always caused by poor lifestyle choice or by being unhealthy. It can be caused by the job that someone does such as constant lifting of heavy objects for long periods of time.

    Sure, posture, good posture and correct lifting techniques help as well as lumbar support but they dont stop the pain from occurring.

    • HI Derek,

      I absolutely agree with you, there are many causes of back pain. Our occupation is often a major factor, as for many people it is the same routine (movements and posture) day in and day out.

      This article was written to highlight the fact that many modern illness and disease is due to poor lifestyle choices, not just specific to back pain.

      The TBPN Total Back Pain Solution course also shows you how making healthy choices can be simple.

      Have an amazing day!

      Dr Brad

  9. Health is an active decision. You only get out what you put in, and so staying motivated is the key. You have to be ready and devoted to be healthy. And discipline is what makes it hard, but at the same time so rewarding!

  10. This article is so interesting so am so glad to read this article.I have been suffering of back pain for long now and i have been seeing the doctor but they usually gave me an injection,and it still comes back after the medicine got finished.I think i will make a plan according to wha your article stated.


  11. Hi,
    You are right about the healthy choices we have, i am trying my hardest to eat healthily as i would like to live a longer life.
    one problem i do have with my lower back is when i am bent over either washing the dog or hoovering it aches so much that i cant always stand up straight when i have finished, sometimes i have to keep stopping as the ache is horrible it would be really interesting if you have an answer for this problem:)
    You are right about grabbing a piece of fruit instead of a cookie or cake (that is my weakness cake) but i will succeed.
    Thanks for the information on your post 🙂

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