How Is 2017 Going For You So Far?



How Is 2017 Going For You So Far?



It’s amazing how fast January and February disappear. Holidays, getting the kids back to school, and then settling back into routine makes those first couple of months of the year just seem to fly by!

By now most of us have let our New Year’s resolutions (usually to do with our health) fall by the wayside. That’s understandable; it’s just the wrong time of year to be making big changes. There’s too much other stuff going on.

But your health should not be a ‘wish’ that you make at midnight on the 31st of December each year. Really, our health should be a top priority ALL THE TIME. It affects our entire quality of life; what you can do, and how you do it.


This is one of my favourite sayings:

Good health happens by choice, not by chance.


Remember it is up to you and the choices you make RIGHT NOW that will determine your health now and in the future.

So don’t just ‘try’ to be healthy. Choose to eat more nutritious and whole foods, and less processed, junky foods. Choose to be more energetic and engage in a variety of activities. A few small, simple changes can make a huge difference. It's all about making healthy choices.

Spinal health is about so much more than just fixing back pain. Good posture and spinal health affect your whole well being. From how you feel, to everything that you do. So don’t forget to look after your spine!'s Total Back Pain Solution actually has nothing to do with back pain. It's all about restoring normal spinal function. It just so happens that by improving your spinal health, you don't get back pain. Period. Our online program is a great place to learn exactly what you need to do to have a healthy spine right now, and for the rest of your life. 

We are here to help you be at your best. If you move better, you feel better. And that means you live better! Simple as that.


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