Optimum Health 90 Day Lifestyle Plan



This is exclusively for TBPS members who really want to totally turn their health around, way beyond just treating back pain!


For less than $2 per day you get a daily meal plan with super easy recipes, as well as a daily exercise program.
It’s like having your very own nutritionist AND personal trainer in your inbox every day!

This program has been developed over several years by one of the world’s leading researchers into optimal health, Dr James Chestnut.
It is totally based on the most up to date research in human health and disease prevention.

The 90 Day Lifestyle Program includes 2 Health Risk Assessment questionaires, one for starting the program to accurately identify what ares of your life are potentially increasing your risk of chronic disease, and one Assessment to compare your score at the end of the program.

My wife and I have both completed the program and have never felt better! What’s more, we both know that a few simple changes have dramatically reduced our risk of chronic disease, ensuring optimal health as we age.

This is the best $179 you will spend on your health, believe me!

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