Our Top Hacks For Natural Back Pain Relief.



Our Top Hacks For Natural Back Pain Relief.


When our back hurts, we want it to stop NOW! It’s not just the pain, but the way that back pain affects everything we do. It can be very restricting and can limit the way we live.

These natural back pain relief techniques are very effective, but they will usually only relieve back pain temporarily. It is always advisable to diagnose and correct the underlying cause. Until the problem is corrected however, these are best ways to naturally feel better without having to resort to medication.

They may seem overly simple, but believe me, these easy techniques really do work, and you can do most of them almost anywhere!



(1) Go for a walk. Walking is our most natural movement. If you are able to walk without too much pain, this is the one thing that will start to improve your back pain quickly, particularly if you are suffering with low back pain. You should aim for a 30 minute walk every day. A daily walk has also been shown to not just ease pain, but it is scientifically proven to decrease your risk of nearly all disease, including the big ones; heart disease and cancer! So get out there and go! Read more about the many health benefits of walking here.



(2) Use ice packs. This is most useful if you have a recent back injury. Wrap something from your freezer (ice, frozen vegetables, an ice pack if you have one) in a small towel and apply it directly onto the painful area. It should feel cold, but not ‘freezing’ or painful. Leave the ice pack on for 10-15 minutes, but no longer. This can be repeated every hour. If you have not used ice packs recently for your back pain, then apply them 5-6 times each day for 3 days to get the best effects. There is some confusion as to whether ice or heat is better, this post covers this in detail.

Recent scientific studies are showing that chronic inflammation is a leading cause of many diseases, find out more in this post.

Turmeric is also well known to have an anti-inflammatory effect, as well as being a great brain booster! You can buy it as an easy to take supplement by clicking here.



(3) Drink lots of water. The spinal discs like water, and a lot of back pain comes from injury or damage to the spinal discs. Being well hydrated keeps them happy!






(4) Don’t sit! More and more research is showing that excessive sitting can be very damaging to our spine. It is important that if you have a sedentary lifestyle involving hours of sitting each day that you get up and give your back a rest regularly. Even just a short walk helps a lot. To find out how bad sitting really is, check out this post.




(5) Rest lying on your back with your knees bent. This can be on your bed with a couple of pillows under your knees, or on the floor with your feet and lower legs up on a chair. This position is the best for taking all the tension off your spine.





(6) Extend yourself! Standing up with your hands on your low back, slowly arch backwards. Just go a little way first, then come back to straight. If you are comfortable with the movement you can repeat another 3 or 4 times gradually increasing the amount you arch back. NOTE: for some people this can aggravate your back pain, so it is very important to start with just a slight movement backwards, if there is any pain or discomfort, DO NOT CONTINUE.





(7) Lastly: Do no H.A.R.M. Avoid the following:- Heat increases blood flow, which is good for chronic muscle spasm, but very bad for inflammation and swelling (see point 2). Alcohol also increases blood flow and will make inflammation worse. Running, or any kind of vigorous activity could further strain the injury. Massage can be very tempting, but again will increase blood flow and potentially do more damage to the injured tissue if applied in the first few days of an acute back injury.



Aside from helping you feel better, the steps outlined here are also critical to starting you on the way to a stronger and more flexible spine. As soon as you are able, it is time to start retraining your spine to move well, and to move correctly. Check out the Total Back Pain Solution for a comprehensive program to optimize your spinal health, and beat back pain!


If you have any questions, or would like to share your own experience, please leave us a comment below.

Also, if you have found this article helpful, please share it so we can help even more people! Thankyou.



    • Hi Rahel,

      The main focus of HealthySpines.org is to provide all natural techniques and remedied to correct the underlying cause of health problems, instead of trying to mask problems with drugs or ineffective treatments.

      Have an amazing day!

      Dr Brad

  1. I am 25 and was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease about 4 years ago. My pain comes and goes depending on the day, but I hate taking any kind of pain medicine unless I really need it. This information is very helpful to me because I’m always on the lookout for natural relief, especially since it is a condition I will have to live with the rest of my life and will only get worse. I will definitely try out this helpful information thank you for posting this.

  2. Very helpful tips to relieve back pain the natural way. I am suffering from back pain and I found out that I am doing more harm by applying heat and massage. I didn’t realise that it increases blood flow to the injured tissue and will further damage it. Because I got use of applying heat rub and massaging my back that I didn’t fully grasp the idea that it increases blood flow. Is massage and applying heat rub useful in chronic back pains? Need your advice, please? Thank you 🙂

  3. I never thought of the things that I put into my body as having an affect on my back health! Thank you so much for this article, since I have been struggling with back pain for years! I am really looking forward to trying these techniques and hoping to relief my back pain in the near future! thanks again!

    • Hi Matt,

      These techniques have been proven to work time after time. Definitely give them a go, I am sure they will help you, just remember you may need to stick with them for a while before you see results.

      All the best,

      Dr Brad

  4. Extending yourself is a very good tip for when it comes to back pain relief. My father has been having a lot of back pain lately and he isn’t sure how to get rid of it. Massage seems like another natural way for him to get rid of the pain.

    • HI Emily.

      The spinal extension exercises are one of the most important ways to not just alleviate back pain, to care for our spinal health.
      We spend so much time bending and leaning forwards, placing our spine into a flexed position. Long periods of sitting in particular can cause a state of chronic spinal flexion, loading and straining the spinal discs, and overstretching the extensor muscles. This inevitably leads to chronic spinal instability and back pain.

      Nice to hear from you,
      Dr Brad

    • HI Krystal,

      Yes, it is very effective as it totally takes all the stress and strain away from your spine! For back pain sufferers it is the most comfortable way to rest.

      All the best,
      Dr Brad

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