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Spinal Care


The Best Lifting Technique For Bad Backs.

Correct liftingEveryone knows that you need to be careful when lifting, but we usually think it only applies to lifting heavy objects. Whilst you are more likely to hurt yourself lifting heavy things, if you are not moving correctly in a controlled manner, it is possible to injure your back lifting a pencil!

It is all about keeping your spine in a strong, stable posture. This happens when the spine is in a straight, or neutral, position. It is definitely not when it is bent forward or twisting. In fact if you bend forward and twist at the same time, you have just put your spine in it’s weakest position. Try lifting like that and a back injury is just around the corner!


Ergonomic Desk Setup. How To Do It Right.

Bad PostureMore and more people are spending more and more time sitting at a desk in front of a computer without a thought about ergonomic desk design. In fact, you are probably doing exactly that right now! I even bet that most of us have just sat up a little straighter after reading that sentence. All it takes is a little reminder sometimes, but usually we get so involved in what is on the screen in front of us that we don’t think of how we are sitting, and our posture starts to suffer.



The Health Benefits Of Walking And How It Can Help Back Pain.

walkingIt might seem obvious that walking has got to be good for your health. There are many different health benefits of walking, and it goes way beyond just another way to help back pain.

Did you know that walking is our most natural movement, and we all do it every day. Or at least we should!

The human body has evolved over 200,000 years to be a walking machine. It is estimated that we should walk around 10 kilometres (6 miles) every day! And not that long ago this was the normal, with the majority of people regularly having to walk to work or school and back each day.



Best Way To Sleep For Back Pain Sufferers

Tummy SleeperA good nights sleep is priceless. Having back problems can really interfere with this very important time of the day. This is the time when your body is resting, recuperating, and healing from the days activities.

If you have problems with your spine, the stiffest, most painful part of the day is often first thing in the morning when you get out of bed. This can be due to your bed, or the position you sleep in. So what is the best way to sleep for back pain sufferers? Well there are a couple of different positions that are best, and one that is a definite bad choice. Read on to find out if you are actually making your back worse when you sleep….



What’s Better For a Bad Back, A Sit Or Stand Desk?

Standing DeskHave you toyed with the idea of using a stand-up desk? Often people can’t decide on whether they should use a sit or stand desk.  Maybe it’s because they are worried that their legs will get tired if they have to stand at work all day, and is that much standing still really good for you anyway?

Whilst it is well known that too much sitting is seriously bad for your spinal and overall health, good research on standing desks is still in it’s early stages.

Also, it turns out, prolonged standing causes health problems too. Plenty of studies show that it increases the risk of carotid atherosclerosis (a disease of the arteries) ninefold due to the extra load on your circulatory system. You’re more likely to get varicose veins, which cause all sorts of complications.


Does Lower Back Pain Affect The Brain?

brainOkay, so it’s not the first thought that pops into your head when you are suffering with back pain. But it poses an interesting question, and it also gives some amazing insights into the long term affects of putting up with a chronic niggle in the back.

Most of us (80{95f364b8aea3ba4afb976a81c1dcc2e8147daac1866ef443968911255633a999} of the adult population) have had back pain at some point in our lives. However we never stop to think about what is actually happening inside our bodies when we experience pain. Usually we just want to make it stop, and fast! Totally understandable, pain is annoying at the very least. And fortunately most instances of pain will sort themselves out within minutes to a few days. It is not until the pain doesn’t go away that we consider there might be a problem, and we start to wonder what is actually going on.