With the Total Back Pain Solution you can :-

1)  Dramatically and quickly improve your levels of back pain!

2)  Move and rest easier!

3)  Improve your quality of life and enjoy being active again.

4)  Decrease your reliance on pain medication.

5)  And the best thing about the Total Back Pain Solution is that it is very easy to do! It only takes 10-15 minutes a day, right in your own home.


If you suffer with chronic back pain, you have to make some changes. You have got to stop looking for that one doctor, or that one exercise, that you believe will fix you. Chronic pain simply does not go away that easily.


10 years of research and development by the HealthySpines.org team of Chiropractors, Neurologists, Spinal Surgeons and other specialists has led to the world's best, scientifically based, back pain program. Previously only available to private clients, this revolutionary system is now available to everyone as an complete step by step, do at home, on-line video course.

Better spinal health requires a commitment. But if you are committed to understanding and applying the information provided, and give just 10-15 minutes per day to doing a series of simple exercises, the rewards will be incredible. If you can commit to that, you will get results. Of course, there are no guarantees, but we can guarantee that if you keep doing what you are doing, you will continue to get the same results.

More than just temporary relief, the Total Back Pain Solution helps retrain your spinal movement patterns, restoring normal spinal function and eliminating back pain for good. This on-line video program provides a realistic and practical guide to give you long lasting relief from back pain.

The Total Back Pain Solution is an easy to follow, progressive program that will take you from quickly relieving your back pain, through to a series of specific movements designed to improve your long term spinal function. Over 40 full instructional videos show you exactly what you need to do.


The Total Back Pain Solution is the only on-line course that is designed by doctors, and utilises the latest scientific and medical advances to ensure that you will fix your back pain, and get lasting results! This scientifically based system of treating back pain is PROVEN TO WORK.

In fact, we believe the Total Back Pain Solution is so successful in fixing back pain that we offer a 60 day money back guarantee!  (Details below.)

With lots of videos, and exclusive email assistance you will be fully supported throughout the whole program. And it's so much more than just a temporary fix, this system will help you achieve a strong and stable spine for the rest of your life! 


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The TBPS program combines modern scientific understanding in the fields of neurology, physiology and human movement, with elements of ancient Eastern philosophies and healing practices (including yoga and tai chi).

The Total Back Pain Solution is based on the science of neurology. That is, how the brain and nervous system control and stabilise your spine (as well as controlling all the functions of your body).

All of your movements are controlled by the brain. Electrical signals speed along your nerves to the muscles telling them how to move your body. And the majority of our everyday movements are automatic. That is, you don't have to consciously think about how you are going to perform the movement. If those movements are 'off' in any way, it can result in injury. This is exactly what is happening with ongoing back pain. This article explains how this happens in more detail.

This is where the TBPS program is different from anything else. By understanding that the nervous system controls and stabilises the movement of the spine, and that back pain is a direct result of a breakdown in this control mechanism, we can target the entire program to not just strengthen your spine, but to actually retrain your brain to co-ordinate and stabilise the movement of your spine. This is the only way to fix back pain for good!


 You can join the tens of thousands of people worldwide who have been able to say goodbye to all those temporary fixes and band aid remedies, and actually get results that WILL last a lifetime.


Plus, you can get these results totally naturally, without the use of medications, surgery or any fancy equipment.


There is no other system like the Total Back Pain Solution.


 The Total Back Pain Solution Program is divided into 3 Progressive Phases. 

This ensures that first and foremost,  you will get fast relief from your back pain, and then continue to enjoy long lasting results for years to come.

The Total Back Pain Solution program is easy to follow. It provides a step by step plan of action, with full video support, for you to not just get relief from your pain, but to actually change the mechanics of your spine and eliminate annoying back pain for good!

The simple plan of action, with full video directions, shows you exactly what you need to do, in the correct order, to get results fast!

Every little thing is explained in easy to understand, every day language. No confusing scientific jargon, just plain English!

Lots of videos that show you exactly what you need to do, and how to do it correctly. From how to wrap an icepack so it doesn't burn your skin, through to how to correctly do the exercises so you will get the most benefit with the least effort.


The program requires no special equipment, and can be done completely at home.

And the program starts immediately. You will actively be doing something positive within minutes of joining!

Throughout the course, we will show you the most effective ways to relieve back pain fast, without medication, and will educate you on how to lift and move properly so you don't keep hurting your back.


The 3 Phases of The Total Back Pain Solution.



Phase 1: Reduce and Stabilise


The first phase is aimed at reducing your pain levels as quickly as possible.

This is accomplished by using natural methods to rapidly decrease inflammation around the spinal support tissues. You will also be learning what you are doing wrong that is putting unwanted strain on your back, causing the tissue damage that results in painful inflammation.

A series of easy, gentle exercises to begin the mobilising and stabilising of your spine are started right from the first day of Phase 1.

Phase 1 takes from 1 week to 4 weeks to work through depending on factors such as your age, weight, how long you have had back problems, and how well you stick to the program. Most people are finished Phase 1 within 2-3 weeks. Only really bad cases will take longer than 4 weeks to complete Phase 1.



Phase 2: Strengthen and Co-ordinate.


The second phase is where you will start to make real progress!

The movements here start to slowly increase the effort required to perform them, but they have been designed so that anybody at any level can easily do them. (Don't worry, you don't have to be as flexible as the picture here!)

This is where we start to address the years of underlying spinal imbalances that have formed incorrect movement patterns, putting abnormal load onto your spine. This series of specific movements are designed to improve long term spinal function.

Like learning to play a musical instrument or starting a new sport, we will be retraining your body to move differently. This where you will start to correct your bad movement patterns for good, by stabilizing the control and co-ordination of your spinal movements.

Phase 2 usually takes 2 to 4 weeks.



 Phase 3: Refine and Maintain.


The third phase is a life long plan to keep you strong, flexible and active.

Slowly increasing the intensity of the workouts (within your own limits) ensures that you will keep feeling more vibrant and energetic for years to come.

By this stage you will not only be feeling much better and stronger, you will also be looking a whole lot better too! People will notice that you are different somehow, simply because your posture will be straighter and more upright. Get ready to walk tall!

Extra bonuses at this stage will help to push your flexibility, clean up your nutrition, and also include easy tools to cover mental wellbeing. More than just back pain relief, we will uncover a holistic wellness plan for lifelong vibrant, healthy living.

This is a complete health and wellness lifestyle that we recommend everyone follows to enjoy optimal health and a high quality of life.




Unlike other programs that can only offer temporary relief from back pain, or some secret miracle cure, the Total Back Pain Solution promises to actually make your back more stable, stronger and flexible by addressing the underlying cause of back pain, regardless if you have been suffering with facet joint pain, sciatica, bulging discs or sacro-iliitis. In fact, the Total Back Pain Solution has proven so successful, that we guarantee it will work!

Most people who start the program will be feeling significantly better within 2-3 weeks. However some people do take a bit longer to start noticing the changes. So I am going to give you a fantastic opportunity. If after 60 days, you do not feel like you are progressing, or you are not happy with the course, we will refund 100% of your investment.

You really do have nothing to lose. At best, your whole life can change, at worst you will have spent 60 days understanding your back pain and actively strengthening and stabilising your spinal movements!  

You don't have to put up with back pain any longer!

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No-Hassle 100% Money Back Guarantee!

As confident as we are that the Total Back Pain Solution is simply the best system for treating your own back pain in the comfort of your own home, the simple fact is that it is not for everyone. The program only works as well as you do. If you follow the program as prescribed you will get results, but it is not a magic pill that requires no effort on your part. We are not going to lie to you, no one approach can fix every single person. That is why we offer a full 100% Money Back Guarantee! If at any point within 60 days you feel that the Total Back Pain Solution is not for you....... we will refund your money. No questions asked. No hassles. This way you can relax knowing that you have invested in your health wisely, and just get on with the job of beating your back pain!