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7 Key Actions You Can Take Right Now To Ease Your Back Pain!


green-tickWhen our back hurts, we want it to stop NOW! It’s not just the pain, but the way that back pain affects everything we do. It can be very restricting and can limit the way we live.

Whilst these techniques will only relieve back pain temporarily until the underlying problem is corrected, they are best way to naturally feel better without having to resort to drugs. They may seem overly simple, but believe me, they are easy techniques that work, and you can do them almost anywhere! Continue reading...


Correct Posture Looks Great! Learn How To Correct Bad Posture With These Easy Home Exercises.

CorrectLean! posture is essential for looking and feeling good.  Standing tall and not slouching will automatically give your body a leaner, more attractive shape and the ability to move better. Learning to use your body in a proper manner so all its parts are in alignment is really all there is to good posture. When the body is in optimal alignment, you will stand taller, look better, and your breathing also becomes...  
Continue reading...

Is The Health Care System Making You Sick?

Many developedheart beatd countries around the world follow a similar system of looking after and treating the ill and infirmed. Mostly, we refer to this as ‘The Health Care System’. But is it possible that this system that so many people depend on, unquestioningly, could be actually making us sicker? Read on.

The current strategy of our health care system is to diagnose and treat sickness and disease. And there is no doubt that there is a need for this kind of intervention when you are sick.

However in order for the system to work you have to get sick first.

So in actual fact, this is a sickness care system, not a health care system at all. While this system is great once you become sick, it does nothing to promote or maintain better health.... Continue Reading...



Two Easy Exercises For Plantar Fasciitis That Really Work!

WalkingWhilst I mostly help people with back pain, I have found that a couple of simple exercises for Plantar Fasciitis seem to work really well in relieving the pain it causes.

All it takes is exactly five and a half minutes twice a day, and you can get relief from Plantar Fasciitis! Depending on how long you have had Plantar Fasciitis the exercises can work in just a few days, or in chronic cases, it can take several weeks... Continue reading...




The Health Benefits of Walking and How It Can Help Back Pain.

Walking the DogIt might seem obvious that walking has got to be good for your health. There are many different health benefits of walking, and it goes way beyond just another way to help back pain.

Did you know that walking is our most natural movement, and we all do it every day. Or at least we should!

The human body has evolved over 200,000 years to be a walking machine. It is estimated that we should walk around 10 kilometres (6 miles) every day! And not that long ago this was the normal, with the majority of people regularly having to walk to work or school and back each day.

But as life has gotten ‘easier’ with modern technology, you could theoretically never actually leave your house. Even if you did, you would probably only walk as far as the garage to get into your car. I would guess that many people reading this would probably walk less than 1 kilometre (0.6 mile) per day... Continue reading...




Healthy Choices! It’s More Than Just Back Pain Relief!

Healthy ChoicesWe’ve all heard of healthy choices. You just need to go to your local supermarket and you can see many different foods that are marketed as being a healthy choice.

But what does it mean beyond the marketing jargon?

What it boils down to is this: Your health is a direct result of the choices you make. Whether you have takeaway junk food, or if you cook with fresh foods at home; whether you watch TV or go for a walk; whether you choose to dwell on the past, or plan for a positive future.

If you think about it for a minute, you will see that in nearly every moment of our day we have the opportunity to make a decision that will have an effect on our health and well-being. Sure, most of those decisions are only going to have minimal impact, but...  Continue reading...

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Total Back Pain Solution


If you are serious about stopping back pain for good, our neurologically based exercise system is proven to get results for all types of back pain!

No more searching around for what to do with your ailing back, and when to do it. The Treat Back Pain Naturally spinal rehabilitation program takes all the guess work out of treating your back pain.

Treat Back Pain Naturally shows you exactly what to do in a simple to follow, step by step system, that you can do right at home with no special equipment needed. 

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